A music portal specifically designed for spas

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    What is myndstream?

    Universal Companies have partnered with leading wellness music company, myndstream, to launch a new music streaming service that improves the quality, eliminates the licensing challenges, and reduces the cost of providing immersive audio for your wellness experiences.

    Helps you relax

    Music can cause the brain to synchronise with the beat, which causes alpha brainwaves and consequently relaxes us, easing muscle tension.

    Reduces anxiety

    Listening to music releases endorphins, which can relieve anxiety, lessen pain, and help to stabilise your immune system.

    Boosts your mood

    Music has the power to boost mood and can influence. Perception of the surrounding environment.

    Current Market Challenges

    Music service providers do not specifically cater to spas and wellness centres. The current business streaming services provide access to all sorts of genres and music. It can be great to have access to 50 million unique songs… but not when you have to pay for them and are only using less than 0.0001% of them.

    If you are using your personal streaming account from the likes of Spotify, or YouTube, you are not legally allowed to stream those services in your public locations, which means you could still face potential fines and penalties.

    Did you know

    Even if you have paid for a performance license… you are still not necessarily legally covered to play the music?

    Improve the quality, eliminate the licensing challenges, and reduce the cost of providing immersive audio for your wellness experiences

    How myndstream can help

    myndstream provides its spa customers with a blanket music license across its vast catalog for use in every area of the spa environment, covering off the need for a separate, expensive, non-curated streaming business license.

    Diverse library

    myndstream contains a deep and diverse catalogue of the highest quality music all specifically designed and created with meditative properties intended to increase relaxation experiences

    Professional playlists

    myndstream contains highly curated and sequenced playlists in order to create a more immersive experience when utilising the music

    Every genre, every mood

    myndstream’s music ranges from beautiful ambient soundscapes to more modern and contemporary styles of mindfulness music

    Professionally curated spa & therapy music designed for your spa environments

    Stress Relief
    Peaceful Piano
    Soothing Synths
    Waiting Rooms
    Rest & Relaxation
    Massage with music
    Active Recovery

    Spa Premium

    • Simple subscription model
    • Premium 4K quality
    • Deep and diverse catalogue
    • Professional curated playlists
    • Spa specific moods and genres

    Spa Luxury

    A bespoke music creation service using integrated & evidence based musical programmes

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